Smartwatch Screen Protectors & Cases

Screen Protectors & Cases for Smartwatches

Investing in a screen protector or case for your smartwatch is a small investment in comparison to having to have your screen replaced. The screen size for each individual smartwatch model is almost always slightly different to its previous model so make sure that you're buying for the exact model that you have.

Why should I buy from you?

If you're looking to reduce the risk of damage to your device & hopefully avoid a situation where you need to come to us for repair then you have two options; a protective case or a screen protector. We've already done the work of finding the best parts on the market for you so all you need to do is choose which you'd prefer.

How hard is it to apply a case or screen protector?

A In order to apply a case all you will need to do it remove your straps, pop your case over the body of your device and re-insert your straps. For the screen protector it's even simpler, position you screen protector over your screen, remove the film and apply pressure - it's as simple as that.

What if I fail at the repair?

We can guarantee you that you will have absolutely no issues applying your case or protector but if you're having issues, feel free to drop us an email and we'll see if we can figure out your issue together.

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