Huawei Watch Screen Protectors


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Huawei Watch Screen Protectors

Huawei GT4 – 41mm | Huawei GT4 – 46mm

Huawei GT3 Pro | Huawei GT3 – 42mm | Huawei GT3 – 46mm

Huawei GT2 E| Huawei GT2 Pro| Huawei GT2 – 42mm| Huawei GT2 – 46mm

Why should I buy from you?

If you’re looking to protect your Huawei Watch from damage by adding a protective case or screen, save yourself the risk of buying parts of the internet not knowing whether they are good quality or not, by using the same Huawei Watch screen protector as a reputable repair service. We’ve already done the work of finding the best parts on the market for you so all you need to do is make the purchase and relax.

How hard is it to apply a protective screen?

In order to apply a screen protector to your Huawei Watch, all you need to do is position your screen protector over your screen, remove the sticky tape and apply pressure towards the screen of your device. Start from one side and press your thumbs in an outwards direction to remove any air bubbles.