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How To Proceed

Find the correct fitting smartwatch strap by firstly selecting the brand and then model of your smartwatch

Select your brand of smartwatch

Not sure which model you have?

You can identify which model of smartwatch you have by entering the 'devices' section of the app that is connected to your smartwatch

Not sure which type of strap you need?

There's no need to worry about the many different types of connectors that feature on smartwatch straps - as long as you select the brand of your smartwatch from our header menu & then select your model of smartwatch, you will be taken to the product page of the correct strap for your watch.

Which material strap should I buy?

You can opt for a watch strap made from Silicone, Leather, Metal etc. depending on your individual preference and usage. If you exercise regularly for example, you may want to opt for a Silicone band. If you want to look smart at the office, you may want to opt for a leather band. You may want to have a band for each occasion and therefore buy a variety of materials & colours.


Discount for multi purchases

If you wish to buy multiple straps at once, for example one of each material available for your model or each colour available then you can select a multi option purchase at each models product page. If you'd like to make an even more varied multiple purchase order, you can contact us and we can create an order separately.

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Smartwatch Repairs

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What issues can a strap replacement fix?

The most common reasons for replacing a strap

Your strap is damaged or broken

Your straps is dirty

You'd like to customise your watch

You'd like a separate strap to exercise in